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In 2010, at the request of the Industrial Development and Renovation Organization, IPCO put the construction of three hybrid cars on the agenda, and after two years of operation, it was able to prepare the cars. In these cars, localization of technologies is on the agenda and VCU calibration has been provided for the geographical conditions of Iran.

Global movement of automakers


The chart below shows the global movement of automakers towards electrification. According to this chart, from 2025, with a steep slope, the percentage of electric-hybrid vehicles will increase, while by 2050, 95% of production passenger cars will be electric and hybrid.

حرکت جهانی خودرو سازها

Specifications of hybrid RUNNA


Series hybrid

Type of system

Maximum Power : 90 kW
Maximum Torque : 220 Nm

Electric motor

Max Power : 45 kW


4-cylinder internal combustion engine 1038 cc
Maximum power: 51 kW

Combustion Engine

14 kWh lithium battery
Maximum rated voltage of 350 volts


Maximum power charge: 3300 watts


1.6 L/100 km

Fuel consumption

96 km

EV Mileage


Emission Standard

خودروی رانای دو نیرو

Hybrid vehicle is an effective solution to reduce emission,HYBRID car

رانای هیبرید

Motion efficiency

The efficiency of the whole process

Motion efficiency

The efficiency of the whole process

Why an electric car?

Today, the need to use new technologies in the automotive industry to preserve natural resources and reduce CO2 is felt more than ever. The first step in this direction is to increase the efficiency of the energy cycle from resource extraction to use in the vehicle. As you can see in the figure above, the energy efficiency of an electric vehicle in this whole process is about twice the efficiency of an internal combustion vehicle.

Optimized for the whole geography of Iran

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