Quality Assurance Management Dept

Quality Assurance Management


Quality assurance management in order to guarantee the quality of parts, pre-assembled modules and production lines of Iran Khodro Co. carries the assigned duties in two major areas including: product quality improvement engineering and audit and development of quality systems. The main topics of these activities with regard to this division are:

  • Product Quality Improvement Engineering
  • Audit and Development of Quality Systems

Product Quality Improvement Engineering

  • New product`s quality plan
  • Incoming parts quality control
  • Supplier audit & Engine parts approval process
  • Engine shop demerit & Engine shop demerit instruction for new products
  • Engine related training courses
  • Monitoring product quality indicators
  • Guidelines and engine repair manual
  • Monitoring of agent performance
  • Troubleshooting and repair training

Audit and Development of Quality Systems

  • Instructing, implementing and maintaining required quality management standards including ISO 9001: 2015
  • Performing internal and follow up audit
  • Implementing quality systems including Reactivity, Survey Plan, …
  • Performing quality improvement projects including Six Sigma
  • Performing process qualification audit according to PSA Instruction
  • Performing and assessing production process including safety and hot-test processes
  • Performing audit according to costumer defined quality systems