Measurement Lab

Measurement Laboratory


IPCO Measurement Laboratory is one of the best and nationwide laboratories in Iran that has been provided the accurate and precision measurement services to internal and external customers by its high level experts and unique equipment and facilities. In accordance with the quality policy of IPCO Company, dimensional laboratory has started its activities in the field of quality with the aim of employing competent and capable people, updating information as well as laboratory equipment and continuous training for the personnel to expand its services. All the relevant people in the company have always tried to provide the best measurement services at the highest level of the accuracy, precision and quality for getting the customer satisfaction.

Laboratory main equipment

  • Wenzel CMM measuring machine (1200*2000*1000 mm)
  • Mitutoyo Roughness Measuring System
  • Mahr Roughness Measuring System
  • Mahr Shaft Measuring System

Laboratory environmental conditions


IPCO dimensional laboratory is one of the best measuring laboratories in Iran to provide the accurate measurement services. There are different systems for controlling the temperature, dust and humidity at this laboratory to achieve the requirements for ISO / IEC 17025 standard and also to provide measurement services at the best level of quality and least uncertainty. With the installation of the mentioned control systems, the ambient temperature of the laboratory is always controlled in the range of 20+0.5°C and the humidity is in the range of 55-55% Rh and the amount of dust is under control.

Quality system and traceability


IPCO Measurement Laboratory has established ISO/IEC17025 Quality System and has been able to be an approved and accredited laboratory of the Iranian Standard Institute. All the measurements services in IPCO Lab are traceable to the European International Institutions (NPL-PTB).


IPCO dimensional laboratory offers the following services to the customers:

  • Professional measurement of the engine parts
  • Professional dimensional measurement service for all the industrial parts within the range of the CMM machine (1200x2000x1000 mm)
  • Measuring different types of parts in comparing with its 3D CAD Model
  • Measurement of the different cam profiles on the camshafts and analyzing them with their CAD model
  • Measurement of Roughness parameters (Ra, Rz, Rpk, Rvk, Rk and …) on parts
  • And ...