Powertrain Roadmap


In developing a roadmap for vehicle’s powertrain, according to the existing requirements and limitations, strategies have been adopted in three short, mid and longterm strategies as follows.

Requirements and Limitations

  • Compliance with the governing standards and laws, especially in the field of exhaust emissions and energy (Fuel) consumption
  • Compliance with future technological trends
  • The infrastructure needed for the manufacturers and supply chains
  • The infrastructure needed for the consumer (such as the infrastructure necessary for charged electric vehicles, etc.)
  • To meet customers' requirements (such as the cost of the product, fuel consumption and repairs, etc.)
  • The amount of investment required



Short-term strategy :

  • Replacement of low-consumption engines with high-consumption engines
  • To increase the share of CNG bi-fuel engines

Mid-term strategy :

  • Complete removal of high-consumption engines and upgrading low-consumption engines
  • To continue the strategy of using a CNG bi-fuel engines
  • Low level Electrification

Long-term strategy :

  • New engine family development
  • To continue the strategy of using a CNG bi-fuel engines
  • High level Electrification