Product Engineering Dept

Product engineering


Daily growth of technology, changes in manufacturing methods, market tendency towards higher quality products, stricter governmental rules, limitations in supply of raw material and the entrance of new suppliers to the supply chain verifies the importance of engineering activities. Engineering management based on its organizational mission and relying on the experience and knowledge of its experts has the responsibility to support the engine production and to protect the final product in two areas of product engineering and process engineering as follows:


Process engineering activities

  • Developing the production and machining processes
  • Balancing the machining and production lines and evaluating the arrangement, the number of operators and the change of operations
  • Evaluating the machinery and equipment of the machining and production lines; developing and designing the location and arrangement of the machinery
  • Developing the processes of production, assembly and self-control
  • Preparing and developing the FPC and OPC for the processes of assembly and self-control
  • Balancing the processes of production and assembly; evaluating the arrangement, the number of operators and the change of operations
  • Developing, design, locating and arrangement of the machinery and the equipment of production and assembly lines
  • Preparation and development of the quality process documents

Product engineering activities

  • Technical document management (3D models – Drawings – DFMEA – Validation and testing plans – Book of specifications - Standards)
  • Analysis of the engineering changes in the current products
  • Developing and executing the validation plan for the engineering changes
  • Analysis of engineering changes and developing and executing their validations plans
  • Developing engineering standards
  • Auditing and technical supporting the suppliers or approved laboratories
  • Participation in product development projects
  • Executing the projects of quality problems and projects of improvement