CAE Dept

CAE Department


CAE department with expert engineers has fast and reliable short-way solutions in engine development process from concept design phase to product stage. CAE engineering simulations and activities include:

  • 1D & 3D Gas exchange
  • 1D & 3D engine and vehicular Cooling simulation
  • 1D bearings & lubrication system simulation
  • 1D friction simulation of main parts and systems
  • Mechanical and thermomechanical stress simulation of components
  • Free & forced Vibration analysis
  • NVH simulation and test
  • Crankcase ventilation system (CVS) simulation
  • On job training in simulations

CAE engineering

services with special

 :test rigs include

  • Cooling circuit simulation laboratory
  • Vibration and noise measurement
  • Ring tension apparatus
  • Spring stiffness measurement
  • Oil pump and water pump characteristic curve tests

The above devices and instrument are used in validation of CAE simulations and helps engineers to supply simulation input data.