Cooperation with automakers

Cooperation with automakers


In addition to providing engineering services to Irankhodro Company, IPCO has always been ready to provide services to other automakers, engine manufacturers or part suppliers. The following are the main engineering services that can be provided to automakers, engine manufacturers or part suppliers:

  • Development or improvement of powertrain performance (improving fuel consumption, improving emissions level, increasing power and torque, etc.)
  • Troubleshooting and providing solutions to solve failures or defects in vehicle powertrain (system level, parts, etc.)
  • Providing calibration solutions in order to adapt to Iran's climatic conditions (climate, geographical conditions, etc.)
  • Validation and Verification services (functional tests, durability tests, validation tests, etc.)
  • Consulting services for design and computer aided engineering (CAE)
  • Production engineering and quality assurance consulting services

In its history, IPCO has been provided several engineering services to the country’s automakers:

  • Pars Khodro
  • Saipa
  • Megamotor
  • Modiran Khodro
  • Diar Khodro
  • Bahman industrial group
  • Rigan Khodro
  • Kerman Motor
  • Zamyad
  • ...
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