Material Lab

Material and manufacturing lab


With ISO / IEC17025 laboratory quality system, relying on experienced engineers, is ready to satisfy customers by providing quality laboratory services. Integrity, expertise and experience are the main assets of Ipco Laboratory in providing customer service. This laboratory is one of the laboratories in the country that utilizes experienced experts and specialists, laboratory devices and facilities, materials testing services and materials consulting in the field of selection of engineering materials in various applications and analysis of parts failure. Provide industry to the university, research and industrial centers of the country.

Quality and tracking process


Ipco Materials and Methods Laboratory has the quality system of ISO / IEC17025 laboratory from the National Certification Organization of Iran and provides its services to domestic and foreign customers with the permission of this organization.

Laboratory facilities of materials and manufacturing lab

Material Lab
  • Universal hardness tester, model Wolpert, Germany
  • Polymer and plastic hardness testers (Shore), made in Germany
  • Microhardness measuring device 0.5, 1, 3 and 10 kg made in Turkey
  • Universal traction machine made by SANTAM Iran Company (capacity 15 tons)
  • Optical microscope with a maximum magnification of 1000 times made by the German company Ziess
  • TAKAGI JAPAN stereo microscope with a maximum magnification of 25 times for fracture tests and component failure analysis
  • Automatic cutter made by Struers Denmark
  • Automatic sanding machine made by Struers Denmark
  • Automatic polishing machine made by Struers Denmark
  • Electric heat treatment furnace up to a capacity of 1200 degrees Celsius
  • Laboratory heat treatment furnace with a capacity of 1300 degrees Celsius
  • Precision electronic scale with an accuracy of 0.001 mg, AND brand made in Japan
  • Acoustic emission equipment
  • Thermal fatigue and mechanical fatigue loading equipment

Materials laboratory services


Performing mechanical and physical properties tests including:

  • Hardness scales at Rockwell (A, C), Vickers (0.5 to 10 kg and 15 to 100 kg) and Brinell (62.5 to 250 kg) scales
  • Tensile, pressure and bending tests up to capacity (12 tons) for metal and non-metal samples according to existing standards or according to customer standards and technical documents
  • Hardness measurement by Shore A, D methods for polymer, rubber and elastomeric materials
  • Metallography of ferrous and non-ferrous metals by advanced equipment with Struers brand Denmark
  • Ability to perform heat treatment according to the steel key on ferrous and non-ferrous metals (annealing, tempering, normalization, conch in water and oil and aging of aluminum alloys)
  • Corrosion test and analysis of sediments and corrosion products
  • Fuji paper test on sealing surfaces (cylinder heads, manifolds)
  • Determining the working temperature of the cylinder and valve by three methods of refinement curve, implantation of templag screw and implantation of temperature sensor
  • Determine the thickness of the coating
  • Determine the hardness of each layer of coating
  • Performing high-cycle mechanical fatigue tests (stress or force control) and low-cycle (strain or displacement control) tests in the form of traction and pressure
  • Perform low temperature cycle fatigue tests
  • Analysis of breakdown of industrial parts in various industries (automobile, oil, gas and petrochemical, military, marine, power plant and turbine, rail, road construction and mining machinery, etc.)
  • Troubleshooting using sound emission equipment to detect leaks in engine parts (such as valves), pipes, petrochemical tanks and CNG under pressure
  • Providing consulting services in the field of materials engineering and parts manufacturing methods in various fields of industry and research projects
  • Selection of suitable engineering materials in industrial applications and replacement or repair of damaged parts by optimal methods