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Irankhodro Powertrain Company (IPCO), with its knowledge-based nature, since its establishment in 1997, in order to grow and promote research activities and apply up-to-date knowledge in the field of engine, driving and management forces. , Has been pursuing the creation of a dynamic structure for the relationship between industry and academia by conducting research projects, especially in the form of undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral student dissertations, and has so far played an important role in supporting hundreds of dissertations. In identifying and attracting talents and employing them in IPCO or introducing or appearing them in other scientific and industrial institutions of the country.

All units of IPCO and other higher education institutions (universities) for research work, can submit their proposed dissertations in the form of “thesis definition sheet” (Click here to download the file) to the research unit and Provide IPCO technology. This unit, after an initial review, raises the proposed issue in the Research and Technology Committee, which includes representatives of the units and several faculty members of the universities. One of the tasks of this committee is to review the proposed dissertation from a scientific, technical point of view and in accordance with the company’s strategy and goals. If the proposed dissertation is approved by this committee, the research and technology unit will take action to attract students to do that dissertation.

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