Automotive Lab

Automotive Laboratory


IPCO automotive Laboratory, with its experienced staff and advanced equipment, is the accredited center for performing automotive tests with the focus on measuring the emission of pollutants. Due to the flexibility in responding to customer requests, many companies, research centers and universities are willing to refer their tests to IPCO.

Vehicle tests in IPCO automotive laboratory include the following:
  • Measuring the emission of pollutants according to the current standard of the country
  • Determination of CO2 Emission and Fuel Consumption
  • Catalyst efficiency of vehicle
  • Wheel Power of Vehicle
  • ECU Calibration
Vehicle Testing Lab



The vehicle test cell is equipped with:

A 2-wheel drive chassis dynamometer from British Company-Froude Consine- with bellow specification:

  • Max Speed: 250 km/h
  • Max Power: 150 kw (109-250 km/h)
  • Inertia Range : 467-2800 kg

The emission test equipment as well as test automation devices (to carrying out fully automatic tests) are from HORIBA Company (Germany). These equipment are suitable for gasoline and CNG vehicles, but not for diesel vehicles.