Student visits

Student visits


Irankhodro Powertrain Company (IPCO) is ready to hold expert / student visits in order to achieve the following goals.

  • Getting to know with Irankhodro Powertrain Company (IPCO) and appropriate advertising of the company
  • Providing the capabilities and capabilities of the company in order to attract research, applied and industrial projects
  • Creating a suitable platform for further communication with universities in order to attract top talent for dissertations, internships and employment
  • Encouraging students and professors of universities to choose the subject of engine and driving forces for research projects and compilation of dissertations in order to activate this discussion in universities

Applicants to visit official and reputable institutions can send their application to the head of the Research and Technology unit of IPCO.

You can contact us for more information and guidance:

Tel: (+98)(021) 44520882-4 (Int: 403)

Email :