Learning is the key to the survival of individuals and organizations in today’s changing world

The Iran khodro Powertrain  Company (IPCO) and the Technical and Vocational Organization of Iran, with regard to gaining experience and technical knowledge of the world, with the aim of transferring and developing applied and professional knowledge in the field of mechanics and driving forces to the industrial-scientific community of Iran and using One of the most equipped hardware and software facilities, it conducts specialized-applied training courses.

Distinctive features of the specialized trainings of this center are:

  • The possibility of holding intensive trainings
  • Empowering learners to attract and hire
  • Using the most equipped hardware and software facilities
  • Possibility of holding trainings in the place of companies and organizations
  • Possibility of holding courses in cities
  • Utilizing professional instructors inside and outside the country
  • Very reasonable cost and the possibility of learning in the shortest possible time
  • Utilization of world-class knowledge according to national and international projects
  • Training of applied knowledge and skills based on the real needs of industry jobs
  • Special discount for student applicants and group registration
  • Receive a joint training certificate from Iran Khodro Engine Research Center and the Technical and Vocational Organization
Educational Calendar Of Ipco
  • Applicants for other specialized courses and seminars in the field of mechanical and electronic propulsion can submit their application separately.
  • Priority is based on registration time
  • 20% discount for students

Applicants should register for the trainings or obtain comprehensive information by calling 44520882, fax 44520880

 e-mail: n_shojaee@ip-co.com