IPCO Consulting


IPCO is the best solution provider to develop powertrains with the global standard technologies

The current powertrain industry environment is more complex than ever. Management at large or even small companies faces numerous challenges:

  • Setting and deploying successful business strategies
  • Developing the right products for the right markets, and at the right price point
  • Acquiring skills for new product and process technologies
  • Increasing sales and margins with increased product complexity and shorter product life cycles

The new product and process technology which is used by competitors and also legislative requirements create new, intense pressures on businesses. IPCO Consulting works with clients to address their most challenging technical issues. We employ an analytical approach, proven capabilities and – most importantly – real powertrain industry knowledge to resolve clients’ problems. IPCO Consulting combines management expertise with the technical capabilities. Our deep industry knowledge enables us to create pragmatic solutions to complex issues facing today’s companies. We accept certain key values as an integral part of our company culture and we live them in our projects:

  • As much as we are ready to take action for short-term improvements, we strive for sustainability and quality in our projects.
  • We act and communicate in a manner that supports alignment of our goals with our client’s and with a view towards a long-term relationship.
  • We believe that a trustful relationship is key to the success of a consulting project.
  • We love what we do – and we are convinced that our advisory and our solutions can only be satisfying if we are satisfied ourselves.
  • We believe that creativity and pragmatism are essential ingredients of successful consulting.

.Our target is to provide each client with a unique consulting experience