موتور گازسوز
موتور گازسوز

Our profession, the development of CNG bi-fuel powertrains


National CNG based engine (EF7)


This engine is designed to have optimal performance with natural gas (CNG) as a first fuel and gasoline is considered as the second fuel in it. The EF7 engine has a maximum power of 103 hp and maximum torque equal to 137 Nm with the use of CNG fuel and can fulfill the EURO 5 emission level. The new technologies which is used in the design and manufacturing of this engine are as follows:

  • High pressure gas injection technology
  • Using optimal compression ratio
  • Using Continuous Variable Valve Timing (CVVT) technology
  • Equal durability in using either fuels (CNG or Gasoline)

Why should CNG be used?

Lower fuel costs



CO2 emission rate

Lower particulate number (compared to gasoline)


Power and Torque Curves (EF7 CNG based Engine)

  • Power[kw]
  • Torque[N.m]

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